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Pushing The Boundaries: Robbie J. Atkinson Talks About Filmmaking and 'Kalimba'


Kalimba started off as an idea that my late father and I tossed around during a walk on the beach one year. He joked about how few Hollywood films explored spirituality, folklore and horror stories from other cultures–namely Jamaican culture. Eventually, he and I co-wrote a draft of Kalimba and bounced ideas off of one another until he passed. After that, I revisited the script and refined it until I was content–taking a segment of the feature script and using it as the basis of the proof-of-concept that is Kalimba today.


An American In Europe

Directed by Johnny Vonneumann

The director has chosen a very difficult way to make his documentary: a risky, challenging, and unpredictable one. The path could be the greatest threat to his film, which is to mix different images, dissolve them, double-expose different film footages, and merge contrasting images. This can easily break the audience’s concentration and prevent the coherence of the context of the work. It makes it impossible for us to focus on a specific subject at the same time. However, the interesting thing is that Johnny Vonneumann turns this way into the strength of his film and makes it something that easily meets the basic needs of the film in establishing the desired themes.


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