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The Day My Cat Saved My Life - Kagan Goh, Susanna Uchatius

  • Kagan Goh Writer, Producer, Director (Mind Fuck. Stolen Memories)

  • Co-Director: Susanna Uchatius Director (Windows)

  • Yun-Jou Chang Producer

  • Co-Producer: Susanna Uchatius Producer

  • Kagan Goh Key Cast "as himself" (Stolen Memories. Breaking the Silence)

  • Jeremy Kyle Key Cast "Foreman"

  • Alex Bruhanski Key Cast "Voice of God"

  • Mika Key Cast "Tarim the cat"

  • Alfonso Chin Cinematographer

  • Candelario Andrade Editor + Visual Effects

  • Malcolm Noel Dow Sound Designer + Music Composer

  • Mary Fowles Assistant Director

  • Chad Marlatt Animal Wrangler

Based on a true-life story of a severe psychotic episode which brings the narrator to the brink of suicide, where he is eventually found and saved by his cat.

Director Biography - Kagan Goh, Co-Director: Susanna Uchatius Originally from Singapore, Kagan Goh is a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary artist: published author, spoken word poet, playwright, actor, mental health advocate and activist. Goh is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a number of releases, including the award-winning Mind Fuck (1996) and Stolen Memories (2012). His films have been broadcast on national television and gained entry into respected film festivals across Canada.

Director Statement Kagan Goh was diagnosed with manic depression on Valentine’s Day in 1993, at the age of 23, and has struggled and lived with it for close to 28 years. Kagan is committed to putting his creative talents - writing, spoken word, acting, filmmaking and storytelling, to good use by educating people about mental health issues and fighting the stigma against people with mental health challenges. His personal mission is to educate people about mental health issues and fight the stigma against the mentally ill.


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