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Your Love: An Interview with Tianyou Tian

Please tell us about your background and interest in cinema. How did you become interested in directing and how did you learn it? And which one of your works is Your Love?

Growing up I seem to always feel a natural pull toward poems, movies and dances. I would watch films like "Sound of the music" and "Castle in the sky" again and again simply because these amazing movies made me feel happy. I have always been very passionate about great films however I have never truly planned to become a director. "Your Love" is my first musical film and I was very serious about how I wanted the film to sound like. I definitely spent a lot of my energy into making "Your Love" as meaningful to me as possible. It's important to me to make "Your Love" a piece of work filled with positive and healing energy.

Your work Your Love is a combination of special effects and real images. Please talk a little bit about how your work and ideas are formed.

I never want to limit myself to only one form of cinematic expression therefore I just simply went with my creative flow during the making of "Your Love". My only purpose was to create something beautiful and meaningful that can uplift people and heal people through art and I never thought "Your Love" could open a new door of creativity for me. Therefore I am truly greatful of all the recognitions this work have received.

What kind of music videos do you like the most, and what works can delight you the most?

I enjoy watching music videos that in itself have a meaningful message. However I also like to watch music videos with stunning special effect and visual art design. I think Hayao Miyazaki's (studio Ghibli's) work truly delight me as a human being. I enjoy the world that he created and there is so much hope, love and beauty that his work contains. I really wish I can work with him together in the future. His attention is to detail and his dedication to a peaceful world fascinates me.

Do you plan to move further towards short films and cinema or stay in the field of music videos?

I don't really feel like I have a specific plan. I think I enjoy creating my own art more then trying to figure out what's the next career move.

Tell us about the challenges you faced in making Your Love? How did you manage to overcome these challenges?

There are indeed many challenges that I faced in making "Your Love". However I believe challenges makes you better once you overcome it. Therefore I believe it's the work that speaks to people instead of words. All I did was keep going whenever I met an obstacles. I believe in the end I will bring the life out of my work.

Do you think you are an individual filmmaker or are interested in teamwork?

I honestly would probably enjoy both but for now I really love creating a piece of art on my own.

What was the most important salutary lesson you learned from making Your Love?

I think there wasn't a lesson but the work definitely make me feel better and more positive during that time.

Please tell us a little bit about the music of this work, the song Your Love. How was this song formed and what was your message during the writing and making process of this work?

When I was making "Your Love" it was my way of telling the world that I have good wishes and hopes for everyone who is going through the pandemic. I wrote "Your Love" because I always believe in a bright future. I wanted to be part of that beautiful future and I wanted to make everything on our planet better. Even though I am one existence, I believe every creature and every human being is connected and we are part of the nature. I am willing to give to the world my passion and my art so that every creature in the nature can live comfortably and safely.

Do you think a musical work can be seen better with music video? And what features should such a music video have in order to gain more audience?

I believe that if you pour your heart into a piece of work, it wouldn't make any difference weither it is a film or not. Since at the root of every form of art, it is all about expressing hope and meanings. I believe if the work is truly amazing the audience will know. We are living in a world where everyone has to constantly advertise themselves to prove their commercial value to others. I wish one day people don't have to do that.

If possible, talk about your future works and plans.

I am working on things that might change my world view and perspective. I am excited and I hope it will change many audience's perspective too.

Lastly, if you have anything left that you would like your audience, filmmakers, and film and music enthusiasts to hear, let us know.

Regardless of what is popular or trending nowadays, I wish all of you stay focused on your art and what makes you happy the most. I wish everyone a happy and meaningful day.


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