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A Tiny Superstar Filmmaker You Don't Want to Miss: Ella Bork

The award winner for Best Tiny Superstar of the Roma Short Film Festival, Ella Bork makes her directorial debut with her film, "All Stars."

Middle schools seem so easy for kids like Amelia while others like Katie feel they have to fight and cheat their way to the top or even just to the surface to be seen. But what happens when the two collide and both of their worlds come crumbling down? That's when you learn about true friendship. With support from your friends and belief in yourself, we can be All Stars.

Director Biography - Ella Bork

Ella Bork is a 14 year-old filmmaker and singer/songwriter hailing from the US. Ella's film, "All Stars," is her first fully produced film and has achieved award winning status. The film won Best Feature Film in the KIDS International Family Film Festival and the Atlanta Children's Film Festival as well as Best Student Film and Best Mobile Film in the Fox International Film Festival. Also in the Fox International Film Festival, Ella was awarded Best Young Director, and in the Roma Short Film Festival, Ella took home the award for Best Tiny Superstar for her role as writer, director, and actor in "All Stars."

Growing up around the Memphis, Tennessee, area her whole life, Ella has always been heavily involved in theater productions most recently playing the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz Jr. with AlphaNYC Theater Company. Ella sings in several choirs and vocal groups and has released many original songs on streaming platforms including the title song from "All Stars." Ella wants to continue her acting, directing, and filmmaking, as well as expand her career as a recording artist. She wants to one day open a production company where artists as young as middle school have a place to launch their own careers. 

Ella uses her talents to advocate and raise money for charities. Most recently she was featured on Memphis' WREG Live at 9 morning show to talk about her career and perform an original song she uses to raise funds for Operation Christmas Child, a US based charity organization. Ella was named 2023 Outstanding Teen by Urban Teen Magazine in San Diego, California, for her philanthropic work. "I find motivation and inspiration from my faith in God. Through Him I believe in the power of art to change the world, and I love using my talents to help other people."

Director's Statement

"All Stars" began as a simple story about friendship, but it has grown into so much more. As someone who just turned 14, I have to pull from not only my experiences but also my dreams when writing films. Classic films that show everyday challenges of middle school and high school have always inspired me. Writing, acting in, and directing this film gave me amazing opportunities to follow my vision all the way through to the final product. My hope with this film is that it will help anyone who is struggling to find where they belong. Friends can come from unlikely places. Take the help and encouragement, and find your true self. I believe this film has given me a solid start in filmmaking, and I hope to continue making movies that inspire people to look inside themselves to find their true star. I want to thank the incredible cast, crew, my school and others in my community for supporting me and this movie, my parents, and most of all I thank God for I believe that without Him nothing is possible. 


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