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Roma Cinephilia Magazine is a department affiliated with Roma Short Film Corporation, yet working independently, which remains a place for cinephiles with a focus on promoting writers and filmmakers’ works from around the world and showcasing them to various film lovers and its audience. It is genuinely concerned to function as a platform for inventive filmmakers and writers as well as talented actors.


A film or work of art gains an important part of its publicity or exposure through interviews. Reaching a wide audience, our mass-circulation magazine, Roma Cinephilia Magazine, attempts to help filmmakers, producers, writers, and many others involved in the production of a film promote their work in an in-depth published interview where they freely talk about their current work, inspirations, concerns, future projects, and their targeted or potential audience.


Doing multiple viewings of your film, our incisive film/literary critics with wide cinematic experience will write an exclusive review of approximately 800 to 1000 words.

Promotional Page

An exclusive page in Roma Cinephilia Magazine will be created for you. Based on what you would like to be featured, it will present the information including the plot, cast and crew, photos of the set and stills, trailer etc. As our audience consists of filmmakers, producers, distributors and many cinephiles involved in the industry, this page can assure you that your work will fly all around the world!

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