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'Counterpart' Directed by Ethan Grover

Counterpart - The Concept

It began as a class project for The Los Angeles Film School. We were trying to tell a short story that did not rely on dialogue, or even include dialogue at all if possible. I took this challenge to heart and penned a beat sheet shaped only around music. It's always fascinated me, this concept of creative inspiration. I've always felt that my own inspiration comes to me through an unknown pathway, a place of secret power perhaps from where all inspiration comes. I wanted to devise a way to show visually the cross from one world to another, the moment where my "composer" gets his big musical idea. I knew I needed to keep it simple, so I started by writing the "Counterpart" piano theme. An amateur composer myself, a former violinist and a pianist, I knew I needed something that would be catchy, simple, and not beyond my means. I tend to compose with the piano, so I went and wrote down a quick idea, a simple melody and a response. The response would be the "counterpart" - a conversation between the real world and the creative world. We played the song many times on set, if only to match Jake's (the actor's) fingers with hits of the keys, and I think we were all sick of it by day two!

We shot the film over the course of two class days, maybe about six hours of shooting time, and another six for setup and takedown. I pulled seventeen-hour days on Saturday and Sunday doing my director's prep: creating a lookbook, shot-list, and storyboard, which I displayed on a large posterboard on set. I didn't want to leave anything to chance. This taught me the most valuable lesson I've learned as a director so far: there is no such thing as too much preparation!

We're a small group of students and independents who are interested in nothing but storytelling by any means necessary. We've got numerous scripts and projects in the works, and we're always looking for producing partners to help us bring our stories to life and share them with the world.

Who are we? Who is the crew of 'Untold Story'?

We're a small group of students and independents who are interested in nothing but storytelling by any means necessary. We've got numerous scripts and projects in the works, and we're always looking for producing partners to help us bring our stories to life and share them with the world.

Ethan Grover

"I began acting at a young age in school projects and church plays, always a storyteller of sorts. We didn't have television for most of my childhood, but we did have the device itself! This meant that my sister and I enjoyed only films and boy did we watch many! I suppose it may have been those long summer nights watching "Gladiator" for the hundredth time that I decided it would never be enough to only consume this wonderous art of film and storytelling, I had to be part of its creation. I didn't pursue my dream of filmmaking after high school, having fallen in love at a young age, I listened to all the naysayers and ended up working in finance. Fast forward to 2020, and I became part of "The Great Resignation", resigning my commission with Boeing Employee's Credit Union in Seattle, getting rid of most of my belongings, and heading for Hollywood to tell my stories. "Counterpart" is the first story I've told so far, and I never expected it to resonate as much as it has. I am humbled and so thrilled for the future all the same time! I'm working on getting my first children's book published right now, three new scripts, and we're in pre-production on two short films and one audio drama. Stay tuned, many more projects to come!"

Jayme Mavar

"I started film school with my only interest being in post-production, but within a few months I fell in love with production design. Editing will always be my passion, but I wanted to start dipping into my potential as a production designer and see what I could accomplish. When I was asked to be head of Production Design for "Counterpart" I was so excited! My whole job was to create the worlds within the film based off of Ethan's vision. Even though I ran into some minor setbacks involving those hellish window blinds, I was still able to create a stunning set and showcase my abilities as a Production Designer. Now I'm the Production Designer and Editor for our new film "Metronome" and I couldn't be more thrilled! Being a part of this film through every stage of production is going to be such an incredible experience. I can't wait for the world to see "Metronome" and see how far cast and crew has come since our work on "Counterpart." It's going to be absolutely amazing!"

James Nield

"I began my journey in the captivating world of theatrical lighting, filly immersing myself in the art of crafting enchanting visual experiences for live performances. As I honed my skills and embraced the magic of the stage, an exciting transition beckoned me towards the realm of video production. Venturing into this new frontier allowed me to expand my repertoire and embrace the power of storytelling through the lens. When the beat sheet for "Counterpart" first landed in my hands, I braced myself for the multitude of challenges it would undoubtedly bring. Yet, little did I know that this project would far surpass my expectations, captivating audiences and achieving unprecedented success."

Jacob Huey Correa

"I actually got my start with the arts in middle school. I had wanted to perform from a young age, and I decided one summer to audition for Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA in 2009. To my surprise, they ended up casting me. It was a lot of fun. I loved the excitement around every show, and it inspired me to continue pursuing the arts eventually as a career path. Fast forward to this piece, "Counterpart", I remember reading the beat sheet. We didn't have a script because we made it as an exercise in class at the film school for an assignment, but I remember feeling inspired by the premise and knew deep down what the goal was for the finished outcome. I don't think any of us expected it to reach and resonate with as many people as it has. We're really happy about it."

What's Next?

We're currently in pre-production for a pseudo-sequel to "Counterpart" titled "Metronome." It's a total shift in genre and tone, moving into the realm of mystery-thriller! Don't worry, we're still keeping our message about musical inspiration, but this time we're taking our big concepts to the next level. Four locations, including a pool and an orchestra! The composer from "Counterpart" will be reprising his role, this time with dialogue and a whole string of castmates to support him. We're so excited to be working together again on this next project and even more excited to share it with the world when we're done! We plan to finish this year and will be sending "Metronome" through the film festival circuit with great anticipation.

Look for us on Tik Tok @metronomethefilm and on Instagram


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