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'Love in Italy' Written by Sena Tunali

Denise and her college friends make a summer trip to Italy. They have no idea that the Italy trip will change everything, and the effects of those changes will last the rest of their lives. The story of Denise and her two friends, Paulina and Sierra, who have decided to go on a trip to Italy from LA. Starting from the beautiful city of Milan, the three friends enjoy the scenery and the culture. But things take the most exciting turn when Denise meets Marco, a handsome Italian who falls in love with the young woman. Eventually, they go on a few dates, and Denise quickly realizes she's in love with Marco. However, Marco's secret is that he's the successor of the most powerful Mafia in Italy, and his step-parents are happier to arrange his marriage with someone who's worthy of the title and heritage. When the situation reaches the point of no return, Denise, Marco, and her friends embark on a life-changing journey and poignant backstories they'll discover in the meantime.

Project Type: Screenplay

Number of Pages: 124

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English

Writer Biography

Sena Tunali is an award-winning film producer-director and actress who Produced, directed, and also written the scripts of films named "She is Mine" and "Anna." "She is Mine" production of Sena Tunali won many awards from international film festivals around the world. Also Produced "Who is Responsible" film about global warming and environmental problems in the year 2019. She is currently working on a Feature Film Project named "Love in Italy" in 2021. Played parts and lead roles in more than 40 short films. She took acting classes from Hollywood professionals at the New York Film Academy in 2015. She also took Meisner acting technique training from Anthony Montes in Hollywood in 2016. Sena played parts and lead roles in many theatrical works, including Romeo Juliet, Den of Thieves, and Proof. She interviewed on Dante Night Show in 2017. She graduated from Vienna Music Academy and Bilkent Faculty of Music and Performing Arts as a professional concert pianist in 2007. Also graduated from Wheaton College MA with a Bachelors degree in International Relations in 2012.


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