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'Stare Me In The Eye' Written by Athina Chatzigiannaki

Athina Chatzigiannaki is a filmmaker with a background in video making related to her art and theater practice.

In 2003, she was selected to participate in the Medi@erra festival with a video which was the backdrop for the theater performance "Moving Word" which she created in 2001, sponsored by the Municipality of the Aegean Sea as remembrance to the poet Odesseas Elitis for the hundred years from his death. She has been working since in several art projects in different disciplines. In 2017, she was part of a group of artists who were funded by Documenta 14. This collaboration resulted in the creation of ACA (Artist Cooperative Athens). The manifesto and art projects such as the interactive theatre performance “Embloki” directed by her were presented in the public program events in Athens. She made a featurette (49.02min.) in 2019, "Selfie World", which allowed her to study filmmaking in the University of Sydney, giving her the chance to get to meet the culture and the issues around it in the country where she was born but taken away from when she was five. Athina Chatzigiannaki was led to filmmaking after a long career in visual arts and performance which now serves as a background and a source to draw from in her new endeavours. She believes that film expresses best now her need for immediacy in a rapidly changing environment but also the art element in contacting an audience while searching for the essential and its momentum.

Stare Me In The Eye

Two youngsters have a strong impact on each other, the one through questioning her very core beliefs and the other challenging his timely engagement. Is this a story? Yes, but it is certainly away from cliché identifications and closer to the one human soul of today.

  • Athina Chatzigiannaki Director Music Club, Selfie World

  • Athina Chatzigiannaki Writer Selfie world, Music club

  • Athina Chatzigiannaki Producer Selfie world, Music club

  • Ian Reininger Key Cast "Tim"

  • Yu Liu associate producer

  • Genres: screen film

  • Runtime: 9 minutes 21 seconds

  • Completion Date: June 14, 2022

  • Production Budget: 200 AUD

  • Country of Origin: Australia

  • Country of Filming: Australia

  • Language: English

  • Shooting Format: Camera 35mm

  • Aspect Ratio: 16.9

  • Film Color: Color

  • Project Type: Experimental, Short, Student


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