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Sylvie and the Wogglebug - Directed by Cynthia Hanson

  • Cynthia Hanson Writer, Director

  • T. C. De Witt Writer

  • Shawn Crosby Writer

  • Nicole Nelson Writer

  • Cynthia Hanson Producer

  • Patrick Montello Key Cast "Mr. Wogglebug"

  • Natalie Lane Key Cast "Sylvie Harnois"

  • Byron Armstrong Key Cast "Professor Knowitall"

  • Zachary Campbell Key Cast "Christeph"

  • Kirbie Watson Key Cast "Theodora"

  • Robert S. Benjiman Key Cast "King Ethano"

  • Erin Lillis Key Cast "Queen Lexia"

  • Project Type: Animation, Feature

  • Genres: Fantasy, Children, Adventure, Family

  • Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes 50 seconds

  • Completion Date: February 3, 2021

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Country of Filming: United States

  • Language: English

  • Shooting Format: Digital

  • Film Color: Color

  • First-time Filmmaker: Yes

  • Student Project: No

An orphaned seven-year-old girl discovers a magical world where she meets a lovable and intelligent human sized insect, and they are tasked with defeating an evil gnome who threatens to destroy the beauty in the Enchanted Forest.

Director Biography - Cynthia Hanson

I first decided I wanted to be a filmmaker when I was 12 years old. When I first discovered the character of Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. in the Oz books. I held on to the dream and never put it down. And I studied screenwriting for years. And when the miracle of the animation program IClone came along I started putting my visions for the Wogglebug to life.

Director Statement

I have always had the firm belief that the character of Mr. Wogglebug always deserved his very own movie and fandom that set him outside of Oz. I believe he can become a very positive role model and icon for children all over the word in this day and age. I feel that my dreams of this are beginning to come true and I hope someday to take them even further than I have already.


I was looking for a great family film and got an instant classic. The songs are entrancing. The characters are relatable and inspiring (especially Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. himself, I live for his big smile). The story is dizzyingly competent. Even the sound design will keep you on the edge of your seat. The whole family loved it!

This movie will certainly delight younger children I really liked the character of Sylvie and many children will be able to identify with her. The Wogglebug himself is a very inviting and warm character that many will find charming and funny. Many lessons are taught throughout, such as the value of friendship, and how to resolve conflicts with others. This is a cute movie that young children will enjoy!

Sylvie and the Wogglebug is a wonderful movie for kids of all ages. It has great characters, good values, and a rich world. It has charming animation that is sure to delight kids and adults alike. The voice acting fits each character well and brings out their personalities. Overall, a great movie that everyone can enjoy.


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